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Motivated sellers? Distressed sellers? Let’s chat. You see I’ve been where you are so I know it’s annoying to get constant yellow letters with smiley faces saying they want to buy your house or how about that cheap looking postcard that says something like, let’s talk now about selling your house. It seems there is no compassion or explanation of why they are contacting you. You just know they really want your home and that doesn’t make you feel good because you are already going through enough problems. In 2012, I lost my home of 8 years that was located in a small quaint Mennonite town in PA. See pic here:
selling house Charlotte


I got those same letters and postcards weekly. I was too embarrassed to tell my neighbors so I hid it. I never called any of the numbers on the letters/postcards. I thought about it when things got tighter but I NEVER picked up the phone. So when the time came to move from my home, I held my head high, made a plan and moved out of the house. Looking back 5 years later as a real estate investor, I should have made the call!! Why you ask? Because I could have walked away from the home with cash in my pocket. There were many options that I could have worked out with an investor and I would not have walked away completely empty handed. Lesson learned!!!


For this reason, I urge you to not make the same mistake I did. All hope is not lost through this process. You can recover from this, learn from it and start fresh. To get a CASH offer on your home, click here.

Motivated sellers, CLICK here Now. I’ve been where you’ve been. Click here to learn more.

Distressed sellers, CLICK here Now. I’ve been where you’ve been. Click here to learn more.